BBQ Huts, Log Cabins, Saunas, Hot Tubs and Camping Pods

Welcome to Aardvark Joinery!

Aardvark Joinery is a continuously developing business. Starting out building small sheds, animal housing and playhouses for the locals, we progressed to bring you garden bars and summer houses. Over the recent years we’ve expanded our range again, bringing Saunas, Hot Tubs, BBQ Huts, Camping Pods and Log Cabins to the table, which we deliver to all ends of the country.

BBQ Huts, Log Cabins, Saunas, Hot Tubs and Camping Pods

..have quickly become desired additions to many homes and gardens.
These products are often described as widely versatile and able to provide that extra space so many of us need, making them the popular products they are today.

Here at Aardvark Joinery, we have created an exquisite contemporary range which will blend beautifully and naturally into any garden or outdoor space.

The small, close-knit, team we have here at Aardvark Joinery, is built up of experienced joiners from across Yorkshire who complete all stages of the building process in our specially designed workshop -They see each and every job through, from the manufacturing stage right up to the installation.

As a small joinery company, based in West Yorkshire, we pride ourselves on designing, manufacturing and installing products to suit your needs. The team here at Aardvark Joinery understand that our products, as you see them, may not always be perfectly suitable. Therefore, we are more than happy to adapt our designs to create the perfect product for you -we welcome all ideas, big or small!