About Aardvark Joinery

Aj cabins is a English founded company building various structures and designs found on the market and across Europe, After years of extensive searching and quality checks through various trips across Europe we have extended our range to include some traditional buildings from across Europe, these come from 3 of the biggest European companies with over 100 years combined experience in the timber industry producing a staggering 50,000 products per year.
Our goal is to supply the individual with a product tailored to their specification. Standard models are not the only option you get to choose from when buying from us, we change and design our products to exactly how you want them no matter how big or small the ideas you have.

A greener environment is one aspect that is very important to us, we are currently located within the premises of a traditional run local timber yard, all our materials are milled right here within walking distance of our workshops keeping transport to the minimal, we have no waste products to dispose of because even the shavings from all our products and materials are bagged up and used as animal shavings making for an environmentally friendly run business.

Aardvark joinery was established in early 2010, from one design we grew to having over 1000 bespoke designs in animal housing and garden sheds, play houses, stables, log stores, garden bars,office pods, summer houses and offer a bespoke decking design, supply and fitting service.