Garden Bars

Garden bars are the latest trend to hit the scene

Garden bars are the latest trend to hit the scene, we have noticed a great increase in people taking to the idea of having their own bar, whether it’s a small corner bar or one of our deluxe models, we have a bar to suit everyone’s taste, and if we don’t then our design team will start from scratch and design a bar to suit your Vision and pocket.

Whether you want to transform a seldom used corner of your garden into a beautiful space for relaxing after a long day, an exciting area in which to entertain guests or an alfresco dining area, we can design and build the perfect bar for the space, we offer a full delivery and fitting service giving you a bespoke custom design that will give years of enjoyment There are many reasons to have your very own garden bar…

Value for money - with the current rising prices in our climate, it’s not cheap to go out and enjoy a few relaxing drinks, pubs are getting more and more costly, a garden bar gives you the option to buy your drinks online or in the local supermarket to stock your very own bar up at a fraction of the price.

The local - the first most obvious advantage of your very own bar is convenience, there’s no more walking to the pub or the long winding walks home after you have had a few relaxing drinks.

Comfort and relaxation - most pubs are great places but could be cosier, you always get the thought of wishing there was a comfy chair where you wanted to sit, a warmer corner or the tv at a better angle so you could see the match, with your own bar you make the rules, choose the furniture or make the décor choices.

Pals only - every pub has its local louts or the ones that are too loud, your own bar gets the ‘exclusive friends’ list, you get to choose if you want a karaoke night, football night or just a quiet pint with a friend or partner after a long working day.

Pub tv - watching the match at your local always has its downsides, having your own TV in your own bar makes for great entertainment, no shouts from unwanted people, no one blocking your view and no one changing the channel just has you watched that crucial moment you waited for.

There are many reasons we think you will enjoy having your own garden bar, but like many of our customers, you won’t appreciate the great ones until you try it for yourself, and we doubt you will be disappointed.